Adirondack Beaver Sheared Fur Blankets have had the naturally longer guard hairs of the beaver cut down to the extremely soft, rich wool portion that lies underneath. Ideal for on your couch or bed.
6'x6' Blanket (approx. 72"x72") - $6795
Extra Large Throw Blanket (approx. 82"x48") - $4495
Large Throw Blanket (approx. 72"x48") - $3995
Medium Throw Blanket (approx. 58"x48") - $2995
Large Lap Blanket (approx. 72"x36") - $2595
Medium Lap Blanket (approx. 58"x36") - $2195
Children's Blanket (approx. 46"x32") - $1595
SPECIAL - Spotted Sheared Blanket (72"x48") - $2000
SPECIAL - Spotted Sheared Blanket (60"x48") - $1500

Thank you for creating the lovely sheared beaver blanket for us. We will cherish it always. Keep up the good work. ~ Michael Barrett

During a recent move, I found your note and photos that accompanied my husband's purchase of my beautiful beaver blanket in 2006. Just thought I'd take a moment to let you know how much I've enjoyed the blanket through the years and to say "Thank You" for doing what you do and for making my gift so personal. I still cherish the blanket as much today as I did the day I received it. Merry Christmas. - Starla Yount