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Adirondack full fur blankets are the natural length of the beaver fur boasting a longer guard hair and a rich, chestnut color that will add a wonderful touch to your rustic decor.

6'x6' Blanket (approx. 72"x72") $5795 SALE - $5500
Extra Large Throw Blanket (approx. 78"x48") $3995 SALE - $3750
Large Throw Blanket (approx. 72"x48") $3195 SALE - $2850
Medium Throw Blanket (approx. 58"x48") $2795 SALE - $2595
Large Lap Blanket (approx. 72"x36") $2295 SALE - $2150
Medium Lap Blanket (approx. 58"x36") $1995 SALE - $1895
Children's Blanket (approx. 46"x32") - $1295

I love my blanket. If I could walk around with it all the time I would! It is lush, fabulous, rich, and beautiful! Thank you so much! ~ Candace, Eugene, Oregon

I can't believe how light and soft the blanket is. My children use it whenever they are on our couch. ~ VW, Glen Ellyn, IL

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