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Adirondack Beaver Blankets

Fur Blankets, Fur Throws, Hats, Vests & More
Known for its dense wool, long guard hairs, and rich color, northern New York State beaver fur is some of the finest in the world.

Keith Landies and his son Keith Raymond (Ray) personally harvest or select all of the fur used to create Adirondack Beaver Blankets®, including fur blankets, fur pillows, fur throws,  fur vests for women and men, beaver fur hats, fur slippers,  fur clutch and sheared fur blankets. Working together from their Adirondack trapping camp through the coldest winter months, they are dedicated to conservation and the wise use of our furbearer resources. Keith is also a licensed fur buyer with a discriminating eye for quality. Only the finest beaver pelts are chosen for Adirondack Beaver Blankets®.

The beaver pelts in our blankets are carefully matched for color, density, and weight to create the desired uniformity. This same method is used to craft our beautiful pillows and other products as well. A soft, dark velvet backing assures comfort and luxury on both sides.